Best Way To Fix SAP EP Page Not Found Or Not Available

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    Sometimes your computer may display an error message that says the SAP EP page could not be found or is not available. There can be many reasons for this error.

    The main problem I’m going to show you in this article is very similar to the problem described in SAP Note 1437667.

    sap ep page not found or not available

    Typically, some pages that were working fine before updating after replacing the portal start adding the following error message “Page not found or not available” with a red error icon. I

    sap ep page not found or not available

    What is confirmed is that the correct message should be displayed in these disputes, which should read “No content, davailable for this navigation node “with the best green information icon.

    I noticed that one of the reasons for this problem is that the active “DefaultContent” is mainly for the iView after the upgrade, which is exactly what does not exist (see SAP Note 1437667 for more information).

    To Verify That This Solution Applies To Your Case, Follow The Path Below:

    1. Check the value of any DefaultContent property on the standard platform page;
      1. Open the standard platform page, which will definitely be used in case of a problem (usually a standard SAP page);
      2. Select this “desktop inside” and just click “Open”.
      3. Select the Content Area in the iView, then click Properties;
      4. Find your home “DefaultContent”;
    2. Copy the value of a specific property;
    3. Make sure the displayed iView is visible in the portal content;

    If This IView Does Not Exist In The Path In Question, Use The Following Method:

    1. Do not close the properties of the content area for the PC portal;
    2. Find the person’s actual location in the Standard Information Message iView;
      1. Typically, it is undoubtedly in the pcd path: pcd: portal_content / / every_user / general /
      2. Select the iView in the new PCD directory (one click side by side);
      3. Look at the Le Truck Quick Info window (PCD tree below) and copy the value of the “ID” field;
    3. Open the iView-Hotels in the “content area” (you must place it in the other eye of your portal content editor);
    4. Just replace the entire value of the “DefaultContent” property with the value copied from the iView tooltip “No content message” (you can use any other iView the client wants to see, or exit the empty field);

    This change usually happens after a browser refresh, but it actually takes a while (possibly until the portal cache is finally refreshed).

    What does sap note 1646042 mean in OBN?

    The attribute is displayed. SAP Note 1646042 will make it easy for many customers to provide all the information they need to analyze OBN scenarios. When you have completely processed the OBN message, make sure that these 12 elements are in the process of being exchanged to speed up the message resolution type.

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    How to check the latest version of sap crypto library?

    Make sure the latest entry from the SAP encryption library has been posted. To check your SAP Crypto Library version, go to STRUST, select Environment -> View SSF Version. Loading SAML 2 Service Provider metadata results in the following error: System terminated with system error 403 and reason Forbidden.

    Hello everyone

    We have SAP EP 7.0 SP21. If we were both unproductive, or even if we were unproductive when trying to click a tab, for example, the error message “The page is constantly not found or not available.” However, if they disconnect and reconnect, no big deal. Please help me determine the cause and possibility of this problem.

    As such, there is no specific pattern, but this happens often and aimlessly.



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    We have SAP EP 7.0 SP21. In this case, when we tried to click the tab, we were leaving the sessionwith inactive very randomly, z was not liked or was not available. “However, if someone disconnects and reconnects, everything works fine. Please help me find the cause and solution to my problem.

    There is no longer a specific template as such, although it happens often and randomly.

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