Steps To Fix Wi-Fi Internet Connection Sharing Error

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    If you’re getting an error about sharing your computer’s wireless internet connection, check out these recovery methods.


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    S Sure Have The Above Enabled And Still Have The Same Problem

    Now you need to think about this case. The error may be close to being disabled due to the firewall. Whether you’ve always used third-party antivirus software, Norton love Kaspersky, etc. Just check your own firewall, download sharing, and Internet connection to one more time.Follow these steps to enable the firewall and set it to start automatically.™ ¦ Press Start™ button In the search field, enter services.msc press or Now enter… you will probably see a window with many companies…. There you will see the Per For service Firewall window.™¦ Right-click and select Properties✓ Select Automatic as the startup type from below.™¦ Select “Start” to start the maintenance process.™¦ Press and “Apply”, navigate to “OK” to.Start activating Now ics and also enjoy unhindered internet access. Thisabout solution helped buyers solve this problem permanently? So do not comment forget your results here. We appreciate your input. You can also yell here if that doesn’t work.

    wifi internet connection sharing error

    Enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) At 10

    How do you fix an error occurred while Internet connection sharing was being enabled?

    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) allows Windows users to share a connection to the same PC with other technology products on LANs. However, not everything always works as it should, because some users had ICS errors. In the window”Network Connections” reported that an error occurred while turning on the home modem.

    To enable Windows ICS, open the Running .cpl ncpa command from Network Connections Coordinator. Set network and adapter properties. On the property page, navigate to the Tab Sharing section. Now enable the option Allow other network users to connect to this computer’s Internet connection. click OK. This should include ics as well, where you will see a Period entry “shared” between you and your network adapter using Network Connection Manager.

    Speed up your PC now with this easy and free download.

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